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IMCO is the second oldest operational lighter manufacturer in the world, second IMCO has produced and sold – worldwide – over half a billion lighters to date.

Three Points of the Compass has covered his quest for a decent lighter before. I mentioned then that I prefer a mini Bic or Torjet lighter for use with my stove set-up, be that meths or gas. Usually this can be circumvented by keeping the gas lighter in a pocket until required if cold or sheltering if windy but there are occasions where one of the well-built, tried and tested liquid fuel lighters would be appreciated. If you have one at home anyway and are heading out for a day hike at altitude, or on a cold winters day, why not throw a liquid- fuelled lighter in to your pack?

Two makes of lighter have proven especially useful in harsher conditions over the years. The lightweight IMCO lighters make a good alternative to the more familiar Zippo lighters even if they lack that satisfying sound while being opened. The company began making buttons in Austria in but diversified following World War I. The design of their first lighters was based on used cartridge cases and that can be seen in their design.

Many hikers would argue that the original IMCO lighters are a better option than rival Zippo for winter hiking; preserving their fuel more efficiently than Zippos though they are not quite as wind-resistant. Around seventy different designs were produced. It is a shame that original production has ceased but second hand examples can easily be found as they have a long life. The IMCO Triplex lighter was first developed in and underwent a revamp of its internal workings in the s, following which it was renamed the Triplex Super.

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Nach dem 1. Seitdem wurden ca. Zum Anfang des IMCO Benzinfeuerzeuge werden entweder in der nostalgischen Dutzendbox, in einer attraktiven Displaykarte oder in einer Blisterbox mit Euroloch geliefert. IMCO hat jahrzehntelang Erfahrung mit einer entsprechenden Ventiltechnik aufgebaut, die eine stabile und flackerfreie Flamme garantiert. The factory initially mainly produced buttons for the military.

Or specifically, one particular IMCO lighter, which I’ll be talking about later on. OK. So What is Most of these lighters date to the mid s.

Please note: For deliveries outside the UK the buyer is responsible for any import duty within their country. The shop is now open 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday, and 10am to 5pm Friday and Saturday. The factory initially mainly produced buttons for the military. In the early days, these were made of empty cartridge cases. The shape of the cartridges could still be seen in the forms of the early IMCO lighters. The first IMCO lighter was developed between and and in the first patent was registered, No.

Since then, around 70 different lighters have been developed and sold worldwide.

IMCO IFA 105107 Pocket Cigarette Lighter

In extreme cases the expansion will cause the flint tube to split all the way down into the fuel. It’s so easy to regulate the size of the flame, as it is to change the flint and fill the lighter. Some scratches to the chrome on front and back but nothing that takes away from the overall display.

It got its name because Blaisdell liked the sound of the word dating imco lighters and “zippo” sounded more modern. Modern black matte finish Zippo lighter.

Remember Me? Front Page What’s New? Results 1 to 18 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The flints load like chambering a round and the sparks fly without touching the striker directly. Weight fueled less than 1. Dimensions: 2.

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You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. Less and less people are smoking nowadays, but somehow lighters continue to be as popular as before. We’re not talking about the plastic ones obviously, but about antique lighters, some of which have become quite valuable and collectable over time.

They might be worth something. We will tell you how to determine the value of your antique lighter.

Going back to work done in preparatory to the IMCO Conference, the determination of the dates upon which these requirements would become applicable. Although some believe that somewhat lighter drafts could or should have.

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This document specifies requirements for lighters to ensure a reasonable degree of safety for normal use or reasonably foreseeable misuse of such lighters by users. This document applies to all flame-producing products commonly known as cigarette lighters, cigar lighters and pipe lighters. It does not apply to matches and flame-producing products intended solely for igniting materials other than cigarettes, cigars, and pipes.

Lighter Imco triplex Original in Lighters. Date First Available, Dec 28 Famous lighter made by a legendary Austrian company Imco(based out of.

I am writing with a bit of information that fellow readers might find helpful: We all agree that possessing the means to make fire is important. I suspect that like me, lots of you have put back a supply of disposable butane cigarette lighters. In a grid down world, they would make great barter items. For years, I carried a Zippo lighter , but it was frustrating because the fuel evaporated so quickly that unless I refueled it at least every other day, it might not light.

This is such a problem that some folks would cut a section of bicycle inner tube, to cover the joint and slow down evaporation. But then, you had to move the rubber tube each time before you could use the lighter. It was irritating enough that I eventually quit the Zippo, and went with Bic. I still, however, wanted a liquid fuel alternative that could use a variety of fuels, work reliably, and go for at least a week between refueling.

I read about the European counterpart to the Zippo. Most of the American G. The Imco is smaller and lighter than the Zippo. It is windproof and is designed so that you can take the fuel tank and wick out of the lighter mechanism, and use it as you would a candle. Unfortunately, Imco closed their factory years ago, and surviving lighters are old, sometimes rusty or worn, and increasingly expensive as collector items. I recently discovered that a Japanese company bought the rights to the Imco lighter from the original company.

Kreisler butane lighter refill

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My father gave me his IMCO Triplex Super lighter when I was just a teenager and he has More Product Details from IMCO» sort by: votes | stars | date.

Does Lighter Fluid Evaporate Lighter fluid is a liquid composed of petroleum products similar to gas that evaporate and burn easily. A peanut lighter will not evaporate – loads on ebay – so decent for an emergency backup. X Research source Tip: If there is still butane visible on the outside of your lighter, wait another 5 minutes to let it evaporate before you start your lighter.

I wonder if that would be good to use. Probably a better solution if you must maximize fluid retention and avoid evaporation, you could try duct-taping the lid of your zippo, then wrap it in a very tight rubber or ziploc bag perhaps. You can also buy a container from Zippo that will provide about one full refill for the lighter that does not allow evaporation.

Package Included 5 x gasket. Vapors are heavier than air and may travel and be ignited at remote locations and flash back. A lighter is a portable device used to create a flame, and to ignite a variety of combustible materials, such as gas stoves, fireworks, candles or cigarettes. Take caution to do the following away from any source of fire or flame. It has a water-resistant O-ring seal that keeps the lighter fluid and parts dry. In this case, the starting fluid washed the inside of the engine clean of oil, allowing metal components to contact and eventually seize.

It makes using regular Zippo fluid seem silly. Just put a drop of it on a clean piece of glass and let it evaporate.

ISO 9994:2018

Ronson Flint Wheel The compact door opens and closes properly. For most vintage cigarette lighters that people collect, flint or auermetal ground against a file wheel produces the spark needed to ignite the flame. Regarding the Ronson Lighter, the wick and the flint DO indeed go in the same hole. I had to work it for like 30 minutes and lube it for the wheel to wear down enough material so it can spin freely. A lighter assembly especially suitable for burning butane gas as a fuel is provided in modular form which consists essentially of two unitary subassemblies which may be detachably mounted together to form the assembled lighter.

Oct 15, – Ronson lighters are a category all their own!

Then there’s the IMCO Super Lighter Marion used in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Elsa’s Lucky Lighter (Zippo with cloverleaf pattern.

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Old lighter petrol IMCO made in austria. Paypal is the only acceptable payment method for our items. Please make a payment within 5 days after purchase. We ship worldwide. We ship items in 2 business days after payment has been received. Economy shipping and Standard shipping : only Standard shipping includes a tracking number.

A Zippo lighter is a reusable metal lighter manufactured by American Zippo Manufacturing the first Zippo lighter in early , being inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter of similar design made by IMCO. After July , Zippo began including a date code on all lighters showing the month and year of production.

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