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These free French worksheets will test what you’ve been taught to make sure you’re actually learning and progressing through the French language. Print them off to evaluate how well you know your numbers, colors, and common phrases and words in French. When you’re done with these worksheets, consider trying French audio resources and language learning software. Learning your numbers is the basics in any language. Print off these free worksheets to test how well you can translate numbers and English words to and from French. You’re tested on numbers An answer key is included. Two additional parts of this worksheet have you translate larger numbers. The answers can be found in this PDF. Download PDF – This one has you circle the correct word that represents the number of objects in each square.

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These Exponent Worksheets will produce problems for the introduction of integers with simple exponents. A complete guide to teaching your child the addition facts, including the best practice resources, free printable games, and the missing piece of the puzzle that makes memorizing the facts faster and easier. This section contains all of the graphic previews for the Equations Worksheets.

History interactive and downloadable worksheet. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

Our vocabulary worksheet generators help your students become familiar with the form and spelling of new words. This vocabulary worksheet generator automatically jumbles the spelling of words and generates a worksheet with letter spaces for the correct spelling of each word. You can choose difficulty options such as whether to display hints or a word bank. This handwriting worksheet maker creates a worksheet with boxes for each letter in each word. The boxes are proportioned for students to write the word with ascender and descender letters in the correct position.

This worksheet maker creates 2 types of activity: The “Spelling Practice” activity presents a structured way for students to practice repetitive writing of spelling words. The “Vocab Building” puzzle activity helps expand students’ vocabulary by challenging them to create new words from a mix of letters.


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Print out these coins, and paste them onto the correct value on our money matching worksheet for Singapore coins. Perfect for children learning about money.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Learning from home? Our team of expert parents and teachers is always hard at work to make sure you have the tools you need to keep your little ones building new skills and having fun along the way. Free Learning Home Resources. All Around the Playground Game. Barnyard Chorus Game.

Bucket of Berries Math Game. Fine Motor Scavenger Hunt. Helps with fine motor development and building recognition of what requires hand coordination. Good Summer Vibes: Connect the Dots. Good Summer Vibes: Tracing Fun. Good Summer Vibes: Watermelon Matching.

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Office ProPlus is being renamed to Microsoft Apps for enterprise. For more information about this change, read this blog post. When you print a Microsoft Excel worksheet, the printed text may appear to be a slightly different size than expected.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I have 10 columns from a worksheet “Player Tracking” that comes out weekly. I am using that tracking sheet to update a master file worksheet “Player Directory”.

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Have you ever considered how much time and effort we put into all of the things we do for our ESL students outside the classroom? It’s safe to say we spend more time planning lessons, preparing for class, correcting and grading, than actually teaching. Gradekeeper We all know how tedious it can be to keep track of scores, attendance, and all of the other information that is relevant to students’ progress. If you’ve been thinking about investing in some assessment software, Gradekeeper will not disappoint you.

This teaching software records grades and scores, keeps track of assignments, and even sends progress reports via email. It creates true or false, multiple choice, and matching quizzes, just to name a few, that you may publish on the Internet or send via email with just a few clicks.

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After teaching a lesson, you need another way to reinforce key concepts. But you may not have the time to put together your own worksheets or supplemental activities. Everyday Speech has a wide variety of worksheets designed to teach children social-emotional learning skills. From emotional recognition to empathy, we have worksheets focused on all the critical social-emotional skills students need. Our most popular social skills worksheets pair well with our videos , using similar language and concepts.

Our Full Curriculum has paired worksheets with videos so you can recap what you’ve just watched and build on skills. For example, we have a “Self-Control Scenarios” option when you’re trying to teach children how to understand and regulate their emotions. If you’re focused on social awareness, our “Understanding the Perspective of Others” worksheet will help children understand how to empathize with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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Matching worksheets connect two ideas by using a line drawn across the page or letters and numbers that correspond to two groups. With matching worksheets, all information is presented to the student, but she has to make the right connections. Matching worksheets are perfect for identifying related items, such as the word ‘pig’ and the picture of a pig. Use matching worksheets to solidify understanding of terms and definition, cause and effect, or whenever a connection needs to be made.

Matching is also a way to modify harder assignments that require the student to provide terms or definitions.

Cambridge English: Flyers Worksheet No. 1 Betty and William were soon busy making a snowman. They used a carrot for What time is the football match? 3.

Use these 4th grade vocabulary worksheets to help your child improve vocabulary and word usage. All worksheets can be downloaded and printed; answer sheets are included. Words and their meanings : circle the word that matches the description. Applying meanings of words : circle the correct answer to each statement. Match phrases : complete sentences by drawing lines from phrases on the left to those on the right.

Context clues : determine the meaning of words in bold using cross-sentence clues. Sentences : select the correct word for each sentence. Paragraphs : fill in the missing words. Multiple meaning words : fit a homonym in two sentences.

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Now that your learners recognize two-dimensional shapes, can they find what each half of those shapes would look like? There are seven shapes on this worksheet, bisected by a dotted line. Scholars examine these shapes and match them to a picture of only half of each one. There is one tricky aspect here: one of the shapes appears to be three-dimensional. See if learners recognize which one it is!

“Money,” for example, might be articulated as “providing financial security for my family,” “earning enough to retire early,” or “making more than my business school.

Generate math worksheets and printable games. Test Maker Features Create Questions. Embed simple to complex math equations with our Free Test Maker. Build Tests. Search our question library by keyword, subject, grade level, and question type. Subscriber Benefits.

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